Friday Feelings, Thanks,and Explanations

Much of our lives we choose our own family these days. So much of the Young Adult Community, in almost every genre revolves around the idea of the family you choose rather than the one you are born into.  Don’t get me wrong. I have my Mom and my brother but they are a distance away. Mostly my chosen family consists of lots of fur.

Many things went incredibly right and incredibly wrong for me when I first started (although I still consider myself just starting all of 5 weeks later) blogging five weeks ago. A few incredibly kind bloggers reached out and didn’t just help me logistically but told me to not give up because this was one of the most supportive communities that I could of find and that if I show up for them, they would show up for me. And you know what? The are right. It is like finding the Dregs.


For this, I am eternally grateful. For the blog support, the unending emotional support, the unending willingness to listen via twitter, not give up on me or the Novel Lives, push me out of my comfort zone, be proud when it works, and then listen to me scream when something shocks me because it goes well. I have a slew of reviews coming starting Next week through October (there will still be more discussion posts, and tags if any come my way — oh and a possible buddy read <fingers crossed>) and I just wanted to make sure I said thank you and explained a new page coming out on the website before that goes into high-gear. I hope everyone knows that I am here for them to do the same:

I would have you

The New Page aka: Psst… hey before she comes back:

Apparently my furry family learned to use the laptop and decided it is time for me to swallow my pride. Due to circumstances out of my control I will be out of work and on short term disability or workers compensation for a bit of time. I have set up a donation page. Of course this page started and will continue out of love for what I do for as long as I can do it. However, if anyone can or wants to give. There will be one simple button on the front page and the donation (they named psst… hey you etc) page with a message page from the boy. Please, at least visit the boys… they are very proud of themselves. <le sigh>

No matter what else thank you for all the support you have and continue to give. I love you all! Bless!

5 thoughts on “Friday Feelings, Thanks,and Explanations

  1. ❤ honestly the quote you used from Kaz…aaaah love Kaz and Inej. Anyway, honestly this community is one of the most supportive, generous and selfless communities. Like, we have our moments, but overall the support network is pretty darn fabulous.

    You're more than welcome to scream to me in twitter Dm's anytime 😉

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    1. It is funny you say “scream to”. Before my mom became disabled she was a gynecology oncology nurse. She took care of terminally ill female cancer patients. She loved her work but it was emotionally draining because she got so close to the families and patients and then when the patient passed everyone was gone. Somedays she’d come home yelling and screaming. I started wondering what I had done and one day she realized I didn’t understand and hugged me and cried and said, “Susan I’m never yelling at you in these moments. I am yelling to you. And I know that isn’t a fair burden to put on you but know it means the world to me”. And I did. And once she explained if didn’t feel like a burden at all. I was grateful that with Dad finally gone and David in college that she at least had me.

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