My experience with NetGalley so far

This is a great post! I’ve learned a lot being on Netgalley and edelweiss (netgalley on speed and higher quality if you haven’t checked it out) as well.

Ayundabhuwana's Blog

Hello everyone! Today I’m here with something a little different from my regular book-related posts. I have been blogging in this blog for almost a year now, focusing on my posts related to Books, Movies, and Travel. And I decided to join Net Galley sometime in February this year, as a way to improve my presence in the social media and to receive free books, because it seems so fun from when I look at other people’s posts.


Here are some stats of my NetGalley:

  • Books approved: 13
  • Books read: 5 and 2 DNF
  • Feedback ratio: 46%
  • Average ratings of the books I read: 2.85 stars


What I Liked About NetGalley

When I first joined NetGalley I was psyched. The main reason I joined: free books! Who doesn’t love them? As someone who loved reading ebooks from any kind of free places, NetGalley’s system of easily sending…

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