Thursday Thoughts- Versatile Blogger Tag.. But not!


The rules:

  • I wasn’t nominated by anyone by The Bibliophagist was and didn’t tag anyone but instead opened it up to anyone who hadn’t done it before- being I hadn’t had a chance… I figured why not! The above link will take you to her award!!!
    • Although I decided to participate I did not award myself anything 🙂 
  • Tell us 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate bloggers/bloggers you’ve discovered recently or follow regularly

7 things about me:

1. Over the summer I picked up the habit of biking. I mostly bike through forest park, the jewel of St. Louis. However, I will also bike through downtown and around the Arch. I’m dying to go to a state park to bike but don’t want to do it alone the first time!

2. I am currently in my natural habitat: in my apartment with my three cats (“The boys) laying next to me sleeping- Gomez, Pavel and Liam. Sometimes I have music or a rerun of a tv show on unless it is hockey season. Depending on the game I can read/write during hockey. Unless it is a stressful game, the playoffs or the LA Kings are really killing my blood pressure.

3. I drink socially and that is even stretching it. I don’t think I’ve had a drink in over a month. Even when I do, it isn’t more than a beer or two or wine. Game of Thrones, the Kings, The Walking Dead will sometimes cause me to grab something to drink. I remember yelling… JAMIE CANT DIE THE DRAGON CANT DIE… GIVE ME THE BOTTLE… and then huddling into the fetal position. There are a couple books that have done the same, :).

4. I am a playlist person with *certain people*. I often have a hard time expressing certain emotions to certain people. When that happens I am very thankful for my parents raising me on everything from Motown to the Doors to Dylan and James Taylor. Of course, from there I’ve picked up on everything from 80s everything to Billy Joel, My Chemical Romance, Nsync, being a 90s Pedophile, Gomez (my cat’s namesake), Harry Connick, Jr., Robbie Williams and Mika. I’ve often turned to their lyrics and book quotes to say what I couldn’t find words to express.

5. I don’t attach to A LOT of TV and movies but once I do, they become a piece of me:

TV: Golden Girls (fun fact- Josh Whedon’s father or grandfather was apart of the writing team of Golden Girls for quite a while), Angel, Fraiser, Sports Night (all Aaron Sorkin really), Coupling, Grey’s Anatomy (yes, still), Gotham (shut-up I don’t care about season 2), Game of Thrones, Walking Dead (mom’s fault)…. you will notice from this list most are not current shows, sadly. There are some new shows I have hope for (Handmaid Tale, Good Place… glad Will and Grace is back…)

Movies: Clue, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Oscar (there is a theme there if you can catch it), Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, (theme there, too), DC/Marvel Movies, YES DC, LOTR (not any of the prequels just the three LOTR), Live Forever, The Oasis documentary, Blur’s No Distance Left to Run, Few Good Men (Sorkin!), Spaceballs, StarWars (of course) Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire anything, Abbott Costello and Bud Abbott anything, Ocean’s 11, Jerry Maguire, Harry Potters… I’m not ranking them, The Last Waltz and the most recent movie I cracked a gut at was Game Night.

6.  I plead the fifth.

7. I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY but moved to St. Louis in late Aug- Early Sept 2009 after a cross country road trip that started July 5th, 2009. It’ll be ten years next summer and I’ve never regretted it

Since I wasn’t tagged and have never done this before I will leave it open to anyone who wants to join the fun. Please link back to my post so I can check out your post! Thanks for reading and comment below!!!!<3

8 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts- Versatile Blogger Tag.. But not!

        1. All you do is copy a the address to my post and include it in your post. So to make it easy just copy the first paragraph of my post and use it exactly but erase where I have the bibligraphist and put and hyperlink it with the address you copied to this post. Does that help?

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  1. I can relate to this. I have an easy time being nice and a much more difficult time when people are jerks. I also love music and I burst into song often…sometimes relevant to the situation and sometimes not.

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