Weekly Round-Up

So. Yeah. That is basically how I felt this week… well about my blog anyway. I hope everyone felt great about their week!

 I loved all the conversation with everyone this week! I hope that continues and grows. 😘

So, whether you kicked ass this week or you felt like it kicked yours, talk to me about your weekly accomplishments, and what you hope for next week!

Here is how my week went down:


4.5 Star review of After the Fire by Will Hill


Top Ten Characters from TV and Books I Want to Hang With


WWW: World of Words: Let’s Talk About our Reading Lives

*There is SO much coming out of this post for next week I can hardly contain myself!!!*


4 Star Review: Nation of the Beast by Mariana Palova


Arc Review of the most important book being released this year: Heroine by Mindy McGinnis

Mark Tuesday, March 12th down on your calendars if you haven’t already pre-ordered Heroine. On Tuesday run, don’t walk to the bookstore and buy it. Read it. Absorb it. For everyone you know from neighbors to family, friends, kids you pass on the street, and adults lost in the system. Before it is too late. Before the opioid epidemic claims one more life. Read it and then tell others to do the same.


The Bookish Adventure Tag

Next Week?

More ARC Reviews: To Best the Boys, *fingers crossed,* Sky Without Stars… and another I couldn’t hold back from digging into but that would be a surprise. 😘😎

And of course I am digging into my “what am I reading next,” list from Wednesday’s post. I am blessed with some amazing ARCs… April is gonna be lit for book releases!

I recieved ARCs for We Hunt the Flame, All We Could Have Been, The Memory Thief and The Candle and the Flamr. Thank you Edelweiss, NetGalley, Scholastic, HarperCollins and Macmillan. 💕

Don’t forget to spill on your week and next week! Speaking of next week…

#2 take it away…

9 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up

    1. Thank you but there is one publication house being really nasty. And you know what? I wouldn’t even care if they’d just tell me why. Anyhow, long weekends are always good for restoration. Gotta take care of yourself first. I have to get better at planning stuff ahead of time rather than doing things on the fly. It is starting to burn me. Sooner or later is really going to kick my ass.


  1. CG @ Paper Fury

    omg I vaguely had my eye on Heroine but now I REALLY want to read it! That recommendation definitely has me convinced! I’m glad you had a good week. (I’m also nearly finished watching the Umbrella Academy and eep! Love it so much!)

    Liked by 1 person

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