An Open Letter of Thanks

I have not always been great at showing appreciation. I think it has cost me very important relationships, even the most important one I ever had.

Today, I wanted to take a moment to write a unified message that I have been communicating piece meal across different blogs, at different times, in one unified letter. I thought the beginning of spring was a good time to do so. It is often thought of as a season of rebirth and renewal and rebirth. I can only pray it is so for me.

Some know more than others the details of my struggles since I started this corner of the blogging community last July. This includes my unexpected hiatus from October to January.

However, since my return everyone has welcomed me back with open arms, faith and love. There aren’t words to ezpress what this support has meant to me.

From the guidance, advice, interactions, conversations, education and helping me (not just my blog but me) is extremely valuable at this time in my life. If my phone didn’t ping throughout the day from all of you, it would be silent. There isn’t family (outside of an occasional call from mom as she is disabled) and my one local friend who works fulltime and rightfully has his own life.

My interactions with all of you (when I feel I can contribute in a meaningful manner) are authentic and not forced for growth of my blog. My contact with all of you throughout the day (except the few errands or drs appts and other details etc that sometimes delay my response till evening) are the only human interactions I have each day.

From the bottom of my heart for all of it, I just want to say thank you. It isn’t always just about the books we love or the ones that dissapoint us, the ones that unite or divide us. It is the friendships we develop whether we are states or countries apart.


PS To those that follow me on Twitter? There are only two episodes of The Walking Dead left… stay with me! It is almost over!

PPS Due to my insomnia I may need to sleep a bit and charge my phone but I will be back to blog hop and comment around as soon as I’m able. 😘

7 thoughts on “An Open Letter of Thanks

  1. daniellepitter

    This is the first time I’ve ever been to your blog ,and I have no idea what you’ve been through, but you have a kind heart to give back a letter of thanks to your readers. I hope everything is ok for you and you keep blogging! 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you are here and hope that you come back. I am not going anywhere for as long as it is possible for me to be here. Thank you for saying so many kind things. I truly appreciate it. 🥰


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