Weekly Review and what is coming up next!

I wasn’t able to do a weekly review next week so I wanted to make sure I did one this week. It has been a fun one! Plus next week is JAM PACKED! Can’t wait to share with everyone. I hope everyone had a great week. I hope you will share your weekly highs and lows me! I can’t wait to hear about them! I would have liked to get another review in here for the April 2nd deluge! However, more fun for next week!!! Just you wait!! <– Hamilton Quote!!!

Here is a review of what I posted last week!

Thank you again for the support and response! It was a fantastic week!

PS I think there might be something wonky about WordPress and some dating of my posts… so bare with me if they are off.

4.5 Star ARC Review of To Best the Boys- March 16th

The Leibster Award – March 17th

Bookish Academy Awards– March 18th

Top Ten Tuesday- Spring Has Sprung- Get Excited!– March 19

4 Star ARC Review of Killing November- Out 3/26- March 20th

WWW- World of Words- Let’s Talk About our Reading Lives– March 21st

An Open Letter of Thanks- Thank You for Being a Friend– March 22

5 Star ARC Review of Out of Salem- Out 3/26– March 23

3.5 Star Arc Review of Little Lovely Things by Maureen Joyce Connolly Out 4/2- March 24th

OK! That is a wrap! Anything you would like to see more or less of next week (although I have to be honest- there are reviews coming for the 4/2 releases and they will come fast and furious)! But still suggestions are always welcomed! And tell me all about what is happening with your lives!!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Review and what is coming up next!

    1. I dont remember who I said it to last but if you ever notice when my blog posts on Twitter comes down, goes up gets deleted and goes back up again like 3 times? That is usually because I am fighting with wordpress and cursing for them to get something right lol.

      Thank you! I’m glad you are enjoying them and I’m sorry if they enable your money spending.


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