Monday Motivation- Blogger Celebration!

To kick off a new week I thought I would post some of my favorite blogs from the previous week. There were a few that I found myself thinking and posting- I’m going to steal this/this is a great idea for a post! So I rounded up some (not all, I tried to find as many as I could through wordpress… grrr argghhh) so I could recognize and share them with everyone. Some of the sites I link to got the idea from another site they follow and credit the original creator. Please note that site. I’m linking to the site that I originally saw the idea, only. Some are “open” tags, i.e. anyone can do them, tagged or not.

Maybe Monday won’t be so bad… ok it is Monday but still…

Becky’s Crooks and Books- First Line Friday

GoodyReads- Books I’ll Never Read

Books. Libraries. Also, Cats. – Library Haul

Sara The Bibliophagist- Weekly Review– Yes, we all do weekly reviews but this one is off the charts detailed.

The Caffeinated Reader- Currently Reading Tag

I hope you take some time to blog hop these ladies links and get as much enjoyment, and as many ideas as I did! Have a great week everyone!

4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation- Blogger Celebration!

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