Top Ten Tuesday- Things That Make Me Pick Up A Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, where book bloggers are invited to share their top ten lists centered on a certain theme. This week’s Tuesday fun is centered around what makes us all pick up a book! I have some pretty long reads this week so let’s have some fun! Ok…. I have nine… 🙂

1.Favorite Authors– Whether novels, graphic novels or comics- favorite authors will automatically draw me in!

2. Synopsis- This might seem obvious but I’ve found out years later that I didn’t read a great book because the synopsis was nothing like the book. I’ve also (and luckily) read great books that were sorely misrepresented by their synopsis. Luckily something in the synopsis that caught my interest but the book was much more than I expected.

The most recent in memory is To Best the Boys. The synopsis was great but the book was so much more than the synopsis let on! It was a pleasant surprise but more often than not I end up missing books due to a synopsis’ shortcomings.

3. Lack of romantic mentions There are things I am and am not looking for within the synopsis and romance IS NOT one of them. When I get through a synopsis without the mention of a major romantic plot I get more enthused about the book.

4. Lack of intimidation/pretentiousness – Yes a book can be pretentious! Adult fiction, especially. Sometimes an author just has this way of talking down to the readers through the way a book is written and it aggravates me. I don’t read to get aggravated.

I think the intimidation piece, for me, comes from my ADD. The size of a book can get in my head. If a book looks too large my ADD just starts making my brain itch. I try to get out of my own way but sometimes it becomes too much.

5. Short Chapters- This is probably related to the above. If a very long book is going to saved it will be one (or more) of three ways. Two are coming up. An other is by short chapters. If the book is really long and the chapters are twenty pages long? My brain will really have a fit. If it at least has chapters that are ten pages and under, I might have a shot! At any length, I like books that have shorter chapters.

6. Immediate and continuing action– If there is evidence of action throughout the book? I’m in. I don’t like stories that drag or that do a lot of telling without showing. This is also the second thing that can get me through a long book. If it has a lot of action that keeps the story moving? That helps a lot.

7. Dialogue/Banter This is always a huge plus. It is also the last way a long book can save itself. Whether the dialogue is like watching a tennis match, snippy, sarcastic barbs, and/or funny wit, dialogue between an ensemble of characters will always perk my interests. It doesn’t always have to be funny or witty banter but that is always a plus and fun when it happens.

8. Multiple genres and/or formats in one book- I learned reading For a Muse of Fire that this is a really incredible vehicle for authors to utilize. It can make a book more rich, interesting and bring certain situations to life. Utilizing telegraph formats really brought those communications to life. Utilizing song lyrics brought the performances to life. It was amazing to have interwoven throughout the story.

9. Social Awareness- Tiffany Jackson (Allegedly, Monday’s Not Coming and the upcoming Let Me Hear a Rhyme) is a master of taking social issues and wrapping them up in dark and twisty gut-punching stories that leave you gripped long after you finish them. I don’t know anyone who is writing what she is writing quite how she is writing it. It is absolutely incredible and absolutely imperative reading.

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Things That Make Me Pick Up A Book

  1. I agree with all of this, short chapters is a big thing these days with modern writing. You would probably like my novella ‘the teleporter’ it ticks a few boxes of stuff you like and is currently free to download… great post and sorry for self promoting… great post btw

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  2. jess @ crowing about books

    Yes to the lack of romance and banter! Those are probably two things I really love in books that I don’t get often. I’m not a huge romance subplot fan, so it’s really nice when romance doesn’t take a huge part of the book.

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  3. I love this TTT prompt so much !
    Omg do I love short chapters aswell ! it make you feel like you are reading so much faster (hey, maybe you do indeed.. as it’s so short !) and also as I LOVE to stop on a chapter, and my breaks are only 30mins long, erhhh… I dont like having to end NOT on a chapter’s end xD feel me ?

    Something I also LOVE is the email/texting format.. If the characters communicate that ways somewhere in a book, im sold. (I have one purely written via emails. my favorite!) same as the short chapters, it’s just so easy for me to read.. Aswell as the dialogs- I just love to see a character’s personality showing through, having them going through emotions, etc. Makes them so much more real-looking and relating.

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    1. OH I completely feel you about stopping at the ends of chapters. I’m so OCD about this it is frightening. Not that anyone needs to know this much about my current life but I donate plasma to help make my rent.. anyhow when they finish I’ve been known to stand there to finish a chapter while they are trying to clean up for the next person and I’m like shit… sorry LOL.

      The first time I saw texting used was in This is Where it Ends… when kids were texting and using twitter to get the word out when the active shooting started in the school and that added some serious depth and reality to the story. Completely agreed. I wouldn’t want it forced but in the right context it definitely works.

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