Come one, Come All! Video Q and A with Venators Author Devri Walls

Devri Walls

Good Morning! Recently I reviewed the first two books in the Venators Series by Devri Walls (Venators: Magic Unleashed and Venators: Promises Forged). When the second review came out (due to the ongoing discussion on when to and not to tag authors in reviews I just want to not that I didn’t tag Devri in the second review), I was pleasantly surprised by both her and her publisher’s presence in the comments section of the review.

It was thoughtful, insightful and brought real depth around what was happening with the Venator series. I was very appreciative of the time they took out of their day to talk about the series and the thoughts I had about a series I am very invested in.

Through that conversation we came up with this idea of having a Q and A posted on the site and Devri wanted to do it via video. As long as the technology works (fingers crossed), I was thrilled at the idea! So here we go… please feel free to post any questions or email them to me, if you like. Enjoy!



About Devri (which I took directly from the linked website above):

Devri Walls is an international best selling author. She lives in Meridian, Idaho with her husband, two children and one adorable little mutt. Writing in all things fantasy, she would do just about anything for a working magic wand. Mostly because she’s a walking disaster and a wand would be of enormous help…although she’d probably trip and break it. So, there’s that.

She graduated with a degree in theater and has studied vocal performance most of her life. She now teaches voice lessons when she’s not writing novels, cooking dinner, playing taxi, spending time with her amazingly supportive husband or trying to read.

I believe in DOING. If you want to try something, do it. I know it’s scary. No matter how many books I publish it never stops being scary, but it’s worth it. Everyone has talents and abilities hiding within themselves just waiting to get out, so let’s go! If you say to me, I don’t have any talents, I may freak out on you. YES YOU DO!

Bright colors make me happy, so do fresh flowers. I love being inspired and inspiring others. I believe in finding our purpose in life and grasping happiness with both hands. I try to always be real with people. We need reality, not a photoshopped view of life to give us the courage to do hard things.

To answer a couple of questions; I LOVE talking with my readers. Don’t hesitate to message me. As long as I’m able, I will respond. Your notes mean more to me than you know. 

5 thoughts on “Come one, Come All! Video Q and A with Venators Author Devri Walls

  1. I am so glad you enjoyed it!!! I think unless we specifically hear otherwise we hear series and assume trilogy or maybe that is just me? Usually duology is called out specifically. It a general series without a given number is assumed trilogy? But maybe that is just my mistake?


  2. Surbhi Das

    Fantastic post, Susan! You know I love your reviews. Right? But it’s so good of an author to take heed of the confusions and clarify it so eloquently. I am going to check out these books soon!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I agree completely! She is amazing and I think the time she took to do this is completely awesome. Having worked with her on it, I can tell you she is a firecracker. She doesn’t stop and is incredibly busy. I don’t know how she found the time or energy to do this! But it shows the importance and dedication to her work and her readers.

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