Q and As, Reviews, Thieves and a Mezzer Update in This Week’s Review

Gomez and I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes. He is doing much better and is well on his way to recovery. He sends his love but not his treats. NEVER his treats (plus his treats are in  his contract)


The Summer Fling has been updated with more dates and the links to the Q and A with Taran Matharu, and review of The Chosen.



Infertility, A Forbidden Connection and the Disappearance that Changed It All: Her Mother’s Daughter by Daniela Petrova- Arc Review out 6/18


Candid Q and A with Taran Matharu, Author of The Chosen


Because it is Wednesday. WWW- Down and Dirty Reading Discussion!


Multiple Time Periods, Worldviews and Puppet Masters Are Vividly Brought To Life by Taran Matharu in The Chosen (The Contender Series Book 1) Arc Review- June 4th



YA’ Thievin’ Bastards! First Line Friday



Rebels, Crows And The Abyss In This Episode of STACKING THE SHELVES!


This week will be fun of surprise reviews and tags!!!!

Week of June 10th:  Charlie Laidlaw’s Space Between Time Blog Tour, Q and A and GIVE AWAY with Dear Wife author, Kimberly Belle…

and we are just getting started!

#2 take it away… 

6 thoughts on “Q and As, Reviews, Thieves and a Mezzer Update in This Week’s Review

  1. I’ll just be polite and say Gomez says thank you for the treat thing. When truthfully the mere mention sends him into a glowering glare very unlike his sweet baby like personality.

    We both do honestly thank you for the warm wihes. When home from work he’s been asleep in the crook of my back (now I have a crook in the back) nightly. But he is doing much better.


  2. Ahh so happy to hear that he’s doing better ❤️❤️ Having them sick is the worst.
    This passed week seemed to have been a good one! I wish that this current one will be even better ! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you! It is the worst! I hate it! He’s doing 100% better now, though! He has sinusitis and there isn’t anything they can do for that but every once in a while it gets really bad and cause a upper respiratory infection. Poor thing. He got a lot of reading done though while he was sick. 😉


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