An ARC Book Tag- Stepping Back to be Grateful And Remembering Not Everyone Has Access To Request Let Alone Receive Advance Readers Copies (ARCs)

The two pictures in this post are just here because I happen to think they are funny. Well the featured image has some truth to it because … I think that is a universal feeling. Ok both are a universal feeling at some point and time.  But they are also hilarious. On with the show…



Receiving any form of an advanced readers copy (ARC) from a publisher is a privilege that should not be taken lightly. Not everyone has access to the idea of even requesting them and even if they do not everyone has the opportunity to have them granted. I have been blessed to receive them during my time blogging. So when I saw this tag come across my feed I thought it was a great opportunity to remind myself how lucky I have been.

Not everyone has the opportunity to even request an ARC or interact with authors.



Fresh Ink: An Anthology Edited by Lamar Giles

Still in education and having just started up my blog, Crown Publishing sent my Fresh Ink to kick things off!


broke me too far GIF

So I’m breaking the rules. This fall there are four books coming out that answer this question and I refuse to choose between them. Unfortunately I don’t have four souls, nor four spare kidneys to give up. I’m sure by now you can all say it with me: Toll by Neil Shusterman, Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo, Kingdom for a Stage (might have a sliver of a shot at this one) by Heidi Heilig and Queen of Nothing by Game of… oh wait no… I mean Holly Black. 


After the Fire by Will Hill

After the Fire by [Hill, Will]

A Room Away from the Wolves by Nova Ren Suma

A Room Away From the Wolves by [Suma, Nova Ren]

Containment (A Sanctuary Novel) by Caryn Lix

Containment (A Sanctuary Novel) by [Lix, Caryn]


Yes. There are too many good books out there. Whether it is an ARC or not, if I have to DNF it I will. I have done it to both. You shouldn’t plod through a book you don’t like. You should always give it a chance. Now as most know that read my blog, what I don’t do is write reviews about books I DNF UNLESS I DNF’d it for a reason that I felt ethically or outrageously crossed some kind of line. That has only happened ONCE.


NOT YET BUT I WILL. As many know this year has been a huge financial struggle for me. I have recommended ARCs to the public library for them to order and have yet to be turned down. I will go check them out to see them after publication. I have also been known to wander through Barnes and Noble just to see ARCs I have loved on the shelves! It is an amazing feeling. I’m not sure why, but it is. Once I get through this time- and it is coming! I plan one hella book haul!!


The majority have been eARCS! In the past couple months I have been lucky enough to receive more hard copy ARCS which is very exciting for the reasons stated above, and because I would like to think it is a reflection of how my blog is doing.


I really think I could just leave Kristin’s answer here and then just add one little piece:

I think the best piece of advice I have received in regards to ARCs is to only request books that you are 100% interested in. It is so tempted to get on to Netgalley <and Edelweiss> and request every book that is available but it is so easy to become overwhelmed and reading can start to feel like work- which is not what we want!

The only thing I would add to this is that I think people might say I have a lot of favorable reviews on my site- or maybe I’m pandering to publishers and authors. That isn’t the case. I think Kristen nailed it with her answer. Over time I think I have become much more selective in what I choose to request, and what I will like. Because of that, my favorable reviews have increased. There are the exceptions. There always will be. I  have had three or four in the past month that I can think of where the ending disappointed me or two highly anticipated books disappointed me on the whole. There is one book from almost a year ago that I just didn’t like at all (but it wasn’t a DNF) and I still think the review is being held against me by the publisher. Oh well. I’m not going to lie. It happens. However, once you get better at really being specific to your taste in books and not just going crazy (we all do it in the beginning though- so don’t worry if you do- it is a phase lol), you’ll have more fun and more favorable reviews.

It is important to remember that a publisher owes you nothing when it comes to granting an ARC. An author owes you nothing if you ask them to let you interview them or hope they might respond on social media. It is a privilege when you recieve a book before it hits the shelves. It is gracious when an author trusts you to take the time to answer your questions for you to put on your site.

ONE MORE TIME: Not everyone has the opportunity to even request an ARC or interact with authors.

What has your experience been with ARCs?

5 thoughts on “An ARC Book Tag- Stepping Back to be Grateful And Remembering Not Everyone Has Access To Request Let Alone Receive Advance Readers Copies (ARCs)

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  2. THAT TITLE IS THE ABSOLUTE MOOD. Oh my god that is SO BRILLIANT (yes all hail to that). Can I please do this tag too this seems absolute BRILLIANT oh my god this is one of the BEST posts I’ve seen in a long time, yes, we can never forget how lucky we are to be able to get ARC – it’s one of the purest forms of joy in my life. I CANNOT agree to it more.

    Anne @ The Reading Life

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