An Update and a Request from Gomez, Liam and Pavel- 9/25






We’re back with an update and we are afraid it isn’t good news. Mom’s doctors have decided it is best that she apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. Mom just recently found out that for the past 20 years part of her diagnosis (ADD) has been a misdiagnosis and the Adderall she has been taken has made her actual diagnosis of Bipolar I much worse.

Coming off adderall on your own, without a doctor is very, very difficult. However, she’s never ever abused it or taken more than prescribed and over the past 10 days she has stopped taking it cold turkey. Friday will mark two weeks that she has been off it and she is feeling much better, physically (we are very proud of her, as is her mom).

Her brain needs some rewiring (seriously- trust us)! However, physically she isn’t sleeping 15 hours a day. This is why she’s been absent from the blogger world. She might not be full speed ahead right away but she’s coming back slowly but surely.  For over fifteen years she has fought to work in education and loved it very much. However, her nervous system is too overloaded to continue the work.

Applying for SSDI is a very difficult process. While mom has the full support of her doctors and a lawyer, she has a very small family who are on the other side of the country and are also dealing with physical and mental limitations, children of their own and employment limitations. As much as we love her, no one is hiring house cats these days to work.

If she attempts to even work part-time at even a library they will deny her claim. Unemployment has already said she can’t qualify because by default she is not able to  work due to her SSDI claim. So while everyone AGREES that she should be on SSDI. No one is able to explain how she should make it through the four to eighteen month process it takes to become eligible without an income.

Mom puts on a brave face for us. Novel Lives and the community that surrounds it has come to mean the world to her. Literally. No matter what happens, always know that is true. If you ever find yourself in a place to help, know it is not going to any shopping sprees. It is literally keeping a roof over our heads.

Psssst… Pavel stole Liam’s Ko-Fi idea and created a whole page. I (Gomez)… we didn’t think he was that smart. HAHAHAHAHA.

Hearts, hugs, licks and purrs!

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