WWW Wednesday- Hey! I can actually do this one!!!!!!

I am way too excited to have the chance to do a WWW Wednesday. It has been way too long! With that.... WWW works really simple. I'm tagging back to Colleen's Conclusions cause I saw it in my email first this morning. What is WWW Wednesday? You just make a post and answer three simple …

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Four Star Review: Dry by Neal and Jarrod Shusterman

What makes Dry so brilliant is that it doesn't hold back. It hits hard. Without spoiling anything specific, the Shusterman boys don't hide from the harsh realities of humanity lost. We all like to think we know what we would do, how we would act in these kinds of situations. The truth is until we are in that situation, we don't know what we will do or who we will become. Until our lives, our loved ones lives are on the line. Until it is literally life or death. Your life or someone else's life? You don't know what you are going to do. Dry was dedicated "to all those struggling to undo the disastrous effects of climate change". It was meant to send a message. For 360 pages it sent that message loud and clear.