Sunshine Blogger Award- Kicking Off the Week Right

I'd like to thank the Academy <pauses for dramatic affect and audience applause> Just kidding!! Although I will say that Liam took this opportunity to immediately hole Pavel and Gomez's feel by 10%. He claims they have more to do with the award than I do and I really couldn't argue. After Today I am …

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Bookish Academy Awards 2019 Tag

Tanvi of A Reader to Whatever End tagged me to do this really fun tag based on the Oscars. I also want to credit her for the feature image I used for the post as she created it, as well. Thank you! Needless to say I'm coming to the party fashionably late. Fret not, the …

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Recognizing Excellence in Art & Literary Magazines (REALM) for NCTE: An Honor to Judge

Today's post isn't one that fits in any one category. It is different an meant to be so. I was asked to volunteer to do something very prestigious and want to take today's blog to both quickly thank the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) for allowing me this opportunity to participate and to recognize the young men and women across the country for the amazing work they have submitted.