Four Star ARC Review: The Deepest Blue Released 3/19

The Deepest Blue by Sarah Beth Durst is a standalone novel in the Tales of Renthia series. I have not read the previous book in the Tales of Renthia, and had no problem following The Deepest Blue. Based on the ending, which is not a cliffhanger type ending, I would suspect that further novels, if …

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ARC Review: After the Fire by Will Hill

After the Fire by Will Hill tells the story of “Moonbeam (appointed, not actual name),” a seventeen-year-old survivor of the Lord Legion cult, which is inspired David Koresh, the Branch Davidian Compound and Waco siege in 1993. Moonbeam is a child promised to the Lord Legion leader, Father John after her father’s death and mother’s …

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ARC Review Fresh Ink

Fresh Ink is an anthology of “twelve label-defying” stories. For those familiar with Point-of-View short story works that have recently come out, Fresh Ink is not centered on a central plot point. For instance, it isn’t the same as Feral Youth by Shaun David Hutchinson (a fantastic read if you get the chance). Edited by the co-founder of We Need Diverse Books, Lamar Giles, the anthology includes topics on coming out, poverty, untimely death, transitioning and romance. I am not going to go through every story, but I am going to talk about my favorites without giving too much away. Dedicated to the late, great Walter Dean Myers, I am going to leave Tags for last.