Nostalgia Saturday: Updated Arc Review (at the time of original posting: July 2018) of Wicked King by Holly Black

Updates or commentary to make fun of myself are from today, February 23rd. The original was one of my first ever posts from July 2018,
July 2018: I'm going to keep this as spoiler free (details added February 23rd but still pretty spoiler free) as possible because:
  1. I was not given an embargo date for the review and it doesn't come out until January and it is July. Can I just jest at myself that I didn't ask like I do now and general rule of thumb is a month, but probably two weeks? Ok, fine. I just learned that a week ago, but STILL.
  2. How I even ended up with the honor of receiving this ARC through Edelweiss and Little, Brown and Company in return for an honest review is still beyond my understanding-- Thank you! Still true, yet I hyperlinked NOTHING - Rectified now with my apologies.