Stranger Things Book Tag Fun- No Spoilers!

I have been a Stranger Things fan since Season One and continue to be after this season ended. Yesterday I saw this tag on Another Book In the Wall. She had found it on  Jenna’s blog. It was created by BookTuber, Sarah Elise. There aren't any spoilers in this post other than information from the first season synopsis/trailer. …

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Top Ten Tuesday: First Ten Reviews I Wrote- A Walk Down Memory Lane

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by  Artsy Reader Girl's Top Ten Tuesday. This week we are taking a walk down memory by remembering the first ten reviews we wrote! From the very first to the tenth: ARC Review of Mirage by Somaiya Daud ARC Review of Fresh Ink Nostalgia Saturday: Updated Arc Review (originally posted: July 2018)Wicked …

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WOW (not in the good way unfortunately) Wednesday: ARC Review of Rule by Ellen Goodlett

Spoiler and Trigger Warnings: Self-Cutting/harm, child abuse, alcoholism, incest (kind of- but we'll get to that in a minute) Let's just say if I was writing a report card for Rule, I would say it had an inquisitive mind. It is a shame really because character building starts off particularly strong. You have three very different sisters from extremely different backgrounds, classes and worlds (although at times their personalities seem to mush together).

ARC Review of Mirage by Somaiya Daud

When I'm wrong I say I'm wrong. And 1) this was my very first review.  2) I didn't know enough about the blogosphere to have found out that this was not a stand alone book. If I had. If you look at the last paragraph of my blog. You would see that I was begging, pleading for a second book. With that in mind there are still one or two things that are still a bit on the predictable side that I'll leave below but I'm going to tweak my review to better match what I believe will be an solid series that will be better with each book (aka I expect this to be the lowest rated of the trilogy).